Watch out for the squirrels!!!

I just had to start out with a true story about Manchester United. I just love it, too bad I don’t believe in Satan… For those sinners that get caught, just donate some organs, and the State will at least forgive. I feel a storm a brewing on this one…

I really wanted to send this article to my boss, but I don’t think she would buy it… My request for a crazy urinal was also turned down. Damn.

What’s this on my foot doctor? Oh, and while you are looking I have a funny growth on my arm…

As for the squirrels, if you have a problem at your bird feeders, get this. And last but not least, try to get this guy home safe. Good luck!


2 Replies to “Watch out for the squirrels!!!”

  1. Well I would just like to say how proud of you I am. At the ripe old age of — you have confessed to being a geek. All these years I was trying to convince you of that fact and now you’ve stated that I was right. They should have a deal at the bank (sort of like the prison story) where if you convince people to buy rsp’s or get more banking options then you get free stuff. OH WAIT… they already do that. hahaha. I think they should have the squirrel feeder for neighborhood cats.

  2. You dared me so here I am. Two, Two, Two geeks in one!
    So this is a blog? Could be addictive. I invented a squirrel stopper also. It keeps the little bastards out of my firehouse bird feeder which sits on a piece or rebar. I used to grease the bar and everything. I took an empty 750 gr. cottage cheese container, painted it black and punched a small whole in the bottom and slid it under the house. Voila! no more squirrels other than they sit at the bottom of pole, look up and cry! Ha Ha. Gotcha you little hairy rat! I have to go now because I am retired and should be doing something productive.

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