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I tend to go through musical phases, as my poor family can attest to…You know that you have been listening to too much hard core music when your 4 year old says that Metallica is slow music! Yes, it happened…

Anyway, I was on a wicked mountain bike ride last night with Tool cranked on my ipod, in THE ZONE, and I thought, “Wow, this sounds like The Beatles!” So today I finally replaced the Sgt. Pepper’s album(record for those that recall) with a fresh CD. It is such an amazing album. With EMI now offering higher bit rate music via iTunes, I can’t wait for their collection to be available online.

In a completely unrelated story, Windows Vista is tanking in China, with some reports that it has only sold 244 copies!!! LOL! If you are interested in putting a new operating system on your aging PC, why not consider the recently released Ubuntu “Feisty Fawn” It is completely FREE!!