Daycare preaches to kids.

So I am pissed! My daycare provider decided without telling us, or getting our permission, to take our child to a church today for religious readings about Jesus. What the fuck??? What gives them the right to brainwash my child. So I called her, and asked what the hell she was doing? She says that part of paying for daycare, and keeping the children safe, is taking them to her church! Fired, right then and there…

This is a major problem with a lot of the holy rolling bible thumpers. They seem to think that they are doing such good, but in turn, they are undermining the way parents are raising their children, and feeding them a bunch of lies. I have said before that I don’t think less of a person if they believe in “the invisible man”(well, maybe just a little less), but don’t preach and force others with no way of saying no. Stay away from young and impressionable minds! Maybe she could pay me a several hundred dollars a month to have her kids come over to learn about Natural Selection and the Big Bang, or perhaps on how to worship the devil. Just trying to keep your kids safe, while taking your money… Ass. I should have thought something was up with having a bible downstairs in the play area…


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  1. The fact of the matter is that you saw the warning signs when we began to take our child to this daycare, and I thought it was not fair to exclude a daycare provider on their personal beliefs. Was I ever Wrong!!! It seems that this person has no idea of any other views and was probably trying to convert our child. Thank you James for standing up for our child’s right to choose, you are an amazing and caring person and I am soooo proud to be your life partner.As I have always said you are the best Daddy in the whole wide Betty

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