Trying out MarsEdit for my Blog.

I have been using WordPress for quite some time now, and love it’s flexibility. One thingmarsediticon128 that I find hard about it, is the Admin user interface. So, today I downloaded MarsEdit, by Red Sweater. It lets you create posts offline, edit existing posts, and gives me access to all my local media on my Mac. It also lets me play with text markups with keyboard shortcuts! That is huge…Once I am happy with the post, I upload it. It is that easy! Give it a try!

Here is a very well written review of Marsedit. It is very in depth, and acts as a good tutorial on it’s features.

ecto-blogging-clientAnother entry into the blogging arena is Ecto. It seems to have good integration with OSX media, and seems very feature rich. It is about $10 cheaper.

Both MarsEdit and Ecto have a free trial period. Try them both out and see which one works best for your workflow.

I will try to keep up with posts this week, but I fucked up a key on my keyboard on my laptop. Most of my content is researched on the laptop on my lunch break. So if you notice a wee slowdown this week, don’t panic…I see you Sawby, with the same worry in your eye, when Man U play Chelsea…