Why Linux Doesn’t Spread – the Curse of Being Free

Here is an article on Slashdot on why people perceive Windows as being a better alternative to Linux… linux

Why Linux Doesn’t Spread – the Curse of Being Free: “”

. If I didn’t love OSX so much, or I had an older laptop, Linux would be the answer. Advertising is a powerful thing…

And now I have to state the obvious. I am getting older…As the years go on some things hit me harder as to how much time moves on. My son starting school, Van Halen’s 1984 coming out 24 years ago(WTF…), and this, Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Scientists believe now that almost 50% of the stars in our galaxy may have a similar planetary make up as our own. Check out the BBC to read more about it.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Hundreds of worlds’ in Milky Way: “”

Finally to finish the day, here is another great comic by cectic.com