Understanding Evolution and protecting where it all began

Arstechnica is reporting that the National Centre for Science Education in the USA, working with another group on the advancement of science, the AAAS, has been meeting to flesh out the technical nature of evolution for the public.

Misperceptions meet state of the art in evolution research:

The Galapagoes Islands will forever be famous as being the place where Charles Darwin studied 800px-galapagos_iguana1and fleshed out the theory of Natural Selection. Unfortunately, the islands have become a tourist destination, and industry is flooding the area. With this comes the need for energy. Ecuador has been installing wind turbines to meet the electrical needs on the islands, and replacing it’s dependance on oil.

And the conversion of the Galapogoes.

The Daily Green has a story on the launch of the Encyclopedia of Life. It is an on-line encyclopedia with the ambitious goal of detailing all the species on the planet. They have hit 30,000 species so far…Only another 1.8 Million to go…

The encyclopedia of Life.

On another not so pleasant note, the USA has been using torture to get information from prisoners. It is sick, and the Bush regime should be tried for International War Crimes. Here is a new advertising campaign put on by Amnesty International trying to bring more attention to this war crime.

Torture is wrong!

Will the USA ever leave Iraq?