32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites

With the silly Easter holiday approaching, I thought it important to bring to your attention that one prayer has been answered…Read on.

Report: 32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source:

Last year at Easter, I was out on a lovely mountain bike ride at the Zoo, and had it ruined by bus loads of ‘pilgrims’ heading up to the cross. All wishing me ‘God Bless’.Fuck. How to ruin a lovely day in nature…Well this year I have a dislocated shoulder, so HA!!!!I got you good…




2 Replies to “32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites”

  1. Maybe if you would have accepted their blessing you wouldn’t have a dislocated shoulder? Hmm…things to ponder. ; )

    God Bless you this Easter weekend Pak’s!
    Ps- The boy isn’t getting any chocolate is he?
    Pss- Man U Rocks!

  2. Good one! But that gets me wondering why then with all your praying you landed on your ear? Maybe your prayer got deflected off a satellite…Or, maybe you are being punished for cheering for Red Devils.
    Have a good chocolaty Easter!

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