Evolution still works as life gets more complex

As life gets more complex on our planet, scientists are wondering if natural selection still works on these complex life forms. What great news for the science community, and a blow to the Intelligent Design wackos.

Evolution Gets a Boost: No Cost for Complexity | Wired Science from Wired.com:
If you have been thinking of making an atomic bomb/ atomic reactor in your spare time, castle_romeo2you may want to make sure you aren’t using someone’s patents, and breaking any patent law. Then again, you aren’t allowed to see the patents, so until “The Man” comes knocking on your door, I say keep up the hard work…Good luck!

Slashdot | The Rush to Patent the Atomic Bomb: “”

That brings me to the last topic of the day. Corporations. Many people feel that corporations are inherently bad, and are doing the planet harm, not only from an environmental perspective, but companies are bad for humans. Go rent the movie, “The Corporation”, for a look into the “sociopath”. Ralph Nader in the USA is stepping up to the plate and saying that we are living in a time of “corporate fascism”. I think that he makes a good point, but it has been going on for a very long time. Sometimes companies operate in other countries so as to get away with lots of evil Shit…And if you are lucky, they are doing it right at home! Check out this article over at dvorak.org/blog…

Ralph Nader on Corporate Fascism