Cuba is a democracy and the US is not

It is really amazing after reading this article of the differences between the USA and Cuba, how much our media feeds us lies and is really a tool for “The Man”. Or so conspiracy theories tell me…I tend to believe the opposite to what Fox, CNN, etc…tell me, but that’s just me. This story just like everything else should be taken with a grain of salt, it seems a little biased, but it is refreshing to see.

Why Cuba is a democracy and the US is not by Tim Anderson 15 March 2007: “”

I got a laugh out of this article about the kinds of toys etc…that are marketed to children.tribal-tattoos Fake lower back tattoos for little girls. What a great idea!

The flying spaghetti monster has inspired many an artist in the USA. In the The Cumberland County Courthouse in Tennessee, there has been a sighting of His Noodleyness. Isn’t it nice to see some free speech going on down south.;)

Friendly Atheist » Statue of Liberty, Jesus, and Flying Spaghetti Monster: “The Cumberland County Courthouse in Tennessee”