Evolution is evolving

Religious groups that oppose Darwin’s evolution, seem to think that because scientists debate 800px-prokaryote_cell_diagramsvgthe components of the theory, that it must not be correct. What they don’t realize is that scientists ALWAYS debate, test, and question the nature world. That is the basis of the scientific method. The base argument of evolution is very sound, and can be re-created over and over again in the lab. Some of the finer points are still being fleshed out, and change over time. Here is a nice article over on Wired about evolution in the microbial world. Here is a snippet of the story.

Microbes make up much of Earth’s biomass, and they also cast into relief the shortcomings of neo-Darwinian evolution. A bucket of seawater can contain 60,000 bacterial species, and to Woese, these must be seen as a collective rather than as disparate units.

Biologists take evolution beyond Darwin

You have probably heard of the “great” benefits of drinking water. 8 glasses of water a day, they say. It is simply not true that it does you any good, or should I say there is no conclusive evidence that drinking extra water makes you healthier. Everything in moderation my friend… I try and replace 6 of those glasses of water with beer, because we all know that wheat and barley are the staples of life…
8 glasses of water a day may not keep the doctor away!

Windows Vista has been such a fabulous flop, that Microsoft’s Bill Gates is getting excited about the release of Windows 7 next year! Along with that announcement comes the news that you can still buy Windows XP and Microsoft is going to extend its life span for 2 more years. Vista may just end up being this far off memory…
Windows 7 coming soon to a theatre near you?

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