The Darwin Papers

It wouldn’t be an atheist site without me pointing out the release of Charles Darwin’s private papers. It is an extensive collection of his research, photos, and letters. Check it out!

[From Darwin Online: Browse Darwin’s Papers]

Here is a link to “Friendly Atheist“, that talks about the Idiotic book that seems to state that Evolution is a fairy tale! Ya, right. One that has been extensively tested and retested. The first fairy tale I have ever heard of that has been tested to be true…

[From Friendly Atheist » Evolution is a Fairy Tale for Grownups, says Man Who Believes in Crocoduck]

A perfect time to link to a web site that rebutts 24 myths and misconceptions about Natural Selection and Evolution. It is a good read, and a well written account of many of the details of evolution.

[From Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions – life – 16 April 2008 – New Scientist]