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I have recently been reading quite a few stories over at Violet Acres(check them out!). This article was particularly good. It was all about the question, “What if?”

What Would Happen if You Bought 25 Bottles of Nyquil? – Violent Acres:

Though I never took Philosophy in University as I thought it too flaky(I don’t feel that way now), this article on Mathematics is great!! Apparently this fellow named Plato šŸ˜‰ seemed to think that we didn’t invent math, but discover it. I tend to believe that argument. But read on to make up your own mind.

The following comic came from dvorak.org/blog, but the origin seems to be from cectic.com, one of my fellow Canadians…It is a toungue in cheek look into some people’s belief that prayer works!!!Idiots…