Did Comets Cause Ancient American Extinctions?

I haven’t heard this one before, but there is an argument that the last Ice Age woolly_mammoth_croppedmay have been caused by a comet. Below is a good article from National Geographic. Makes you wonder when the next big one will hit…

[From Did Comets Cause Ancient American Extinctions?]

Over at ffriendlyatheist.com, the question is asked:

What steps need to be taken to become an Atheist?

[From Friendly Atheist » A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Atheist]

Have you ever wondered if there really is an Al Qaeda out there just waiting to attack everyone? Well even Newsweek is doubting it…IMHO, the US Govt is causing far more death and destruction in the world. But who am to judge??

[From Terrorist Triage | Print Article | Newsweek.com]


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