Bush apologies for Soldier shooting Quran

I find this appalling! Not the soldier for shooting a copy of the Quran(what’s the big deal?), but that George Bush is apologizing for the incident. Bush doesn’t apologize for soldiers shooting people in Iraq, but for shooting a book. Give me a break!!! So if I understand the logic, this book (which apparently is important to Muslims) is so important that it must be protected, but the innocent citizens of Iraq can be bombed, shot, tortured, and raped by US soldiers. What of the problem of citizens carrying the Quran while being shot? I say this not be funny, but I find George Bush to be a complete hypocrite. What a minute, I already knew that…

[From Newsvine – Bush calls Iraqi PM over Quran shooting]

Over at friendlyatheist.com, is a good collection of atheist symbols. Go Flying Spaghetti Monster Go!!!

[From Friendly Atheist » A Collection of Atheist Symbols]

And things aren’t any better in the UK. Some teen is up on charges for calling Scientology a Cult! It is a cult, what’s the problem. On top of calling Scientology a “name”, what about the right to free speech? Since when does calling someone or something a name constitute police action? Is it April Fool’s Day today or something? Seems to be an odd day indeed…

[From Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology ‘cult’ | UK news | guardian.co.uk]