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I think that most people have heard of Charles Darwin. But quite a few people have never heard of Alfred Wallace. 375px-arwallaceHe came up with the theory of evolution at around the same time as Charles Darwin. Check out the Wikipedia article on him for more information. Wallacian evolution…I don’t think it has the same ring to it, but I still think he should be given more credit for his contributions.

Another person, a writer by the name of Roy Davies has done a lot of research on the topic, and feels even more strongly about it than I do(which isn’t too hard to do, as I don’t give a rats ass really). Mr. Davies thinks that Wallace came up with the idea of evolution first, and that Darwin “stole” the idea. A bit of a strong accusation but he needn’t worry, as both Wallace and Darwin are dead, and unable to defend themselves…

[From ‘Mail-boat record ‘proves Darwin stole his original ideas from a Welsh scientist” by icWales – RichardDawkins.net]

But really, though it may make for good book sales, both Darwin and Wallace are the pioneers of evolutionary theory, and they both worked tirelessly their whole lives understanding what we today can clearly see. Isn’t it Newton that said that we stand on the shoulders of giants? True, oh so true…