Darwin’s Joyful Journey of Discovery

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article on the voyage of Charles Darwin on his discovery of the concept of evolution. I love to read different versions of what happened during that period, and the challenges faced back in those days. Can you imagine how hard travelling across the Atlantic was not even 100 years ago? Now, we just fly over it in a few hours. Piece of cake…Oh how times have changed.

[From ‘Darwin’s Joyful Journey of Discovery’ by Steve Jones, Wall Street Journal – RichardDawkins.net]

I have talked about creationism quite often on the site, and feel it is a threat to scientific understanding. Having said that, I find the following comic hilarious. Not just because I think it is funny to see Jesus on a T-rex, but because there are people out there that drew this, and really believe it!


I have the newest comic from cectic.com…You can thank me later!