Science has a dangerous history

Scientists have a long history of experimentation, and discovery. With this keen curiosity, there have been great discoveries and tragedies, with many famous people who were injured or even died for science. Who ever thought that science could be so dangerous?

[From Top 10 Scientists Killed or Injured by Their Experiments – The List Universe]

One very famous study is still ongoing. It doesn’t seem ‘dangerous’, but 40,000 generations later, I guess the danger is to not give it the credit it deserves! It is a huge amount of data and observation of the evolution of bacteria. Not the most exciting job, but fascinating for the rest of us!!

[From The Loom : A New Step In Evolution]

It has been 150 years since Darwin published the Origin of Species along with Wallace’s ideas to the Linnean Society in London. So long ago, but still causing waves…

[From ‘Darwin still causing waves after 150 years’ by News Daily –]