Stop what you are doing and watch this video

This young girl spoke at the UN some time ago(1992). Her speech blew my mind. It is shocking how so much of what the world’s population is thinking is eloquently spoken by this child not even a teenager…

Let me know what you thought of it!

In case you are from Canada, or into environmental causes, her name is Severn Suzuki. Daughter of David Suzuki. Here is a link to some of her activities. A busy girl…


2 Replies to “Stop what you are doing and watch this video”

  1. Sadly, i only hear whiny, boring preaching that have been heard a MILLION times, animals every got extinct, and has been so forever..
    nothing new, nothing that we havent heard..

  2. I think you miss the point. Yes, she brings up topics discussed and “whined” about. But world leaders don’t sit there and listen. I think she did an exceptional job, especially as a kid!

    Maybe I am liberal on this, but I think more needs to be said of the wars and famine in the world, and less about the economy, and poor banks and corporations losing money…

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