Volcano Erupts on the Galapagoes

The internationally protected and famous Galapagoes islands are home to countless diversity, and constant threat from human intervention. Now there is a new threat to life on the islands. A volcano. There is nothing that can be done, but natural selection favours those that can adapt. Here is a small video over at National Geographic about it.

[From VIDEO: Eruption Changing Galapagos]

I have written about Darwin and Wallace before(see the related posts!), and have found a nicely written article over at the Smithsonian about the origins of Evolution, and how it was presented to the world 150 years ago. It turns out that it didn’t make a big splash to start!

[From Smithsonian Magazine | Science & Nature | On the Origin of a Theory]

Lastly, here is a very funny comic from Cectic.com. It reminds me of the Life of Brian!