The Chrysler Gas Guarantee

The Chrysler car company has come out with some new ways to encourage you to buy one of their cars. They are getting a bit desperate as they are coming pretty close to being bankrupt. Here is an article over at about Chrysler Corp. being operationally bankrupt.

[From Chrysler CEO admits to company being ‘operationally bankrupt’ – BloggingStocks]

So, as I see it, another US car maker is suffering because they can’t get it into their heads that massive SUV’s and trucks are horrible for the environment, are expensive to run, and they aren’t willing to change. They don’t have my sympathy…

So what then is Chrysler doing to fix this problem you ask? They are subsidizing your gas bill…They are going to “Refuel America”. Don’t laugh. It is true. Here is a link to the Chrysler web site with the good news…

[From Official Chrysler site – Refuel America – $2.99 Gas Guarantee]

However, you wouldn’t be checking out my site without a spin to the story, now would you? Some intelligent cartoonist tells it like it really is!
Credit given to for the picture…