Recycling is bad for the planet!

I was shocked to learn today that recycling is crap!!! I know, I didn’t believe it at first, but after watching “Recycling is Bullshit”, I was convinced.

I guess the moral of the story is, Reduce, Reuse it if possible, and throw the rest away in the garbage. It is better than the “process” of recycling. Have you ever wondered where all that recycling goes? Apparently to China, where 40% of it is thrown away or burnt. The rest is processed with harsh chemical processes to make polar fleece, etc… And go start a compost. Try to buy things that aren’t wrapped up in plastic crap. Oh, the exception to the rule may be aluminum. But even that is being questioned.

I should have known that it was a money making machine! I guess my corporate radar needs some tweaking…


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  1. Ah I love Penn and Teller! I watched the one on alternative medicine and then the one on new-age healing. Here’s what I got out of it: People are MORONS.

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