Top Seven Flying Spaghetti Monster Pictures

A short post of the 7 best Flying Spaghetti Monster Pictures over at I just had to post it! Long live the Flying Spaghetti Monster…Raman.

[From a mysterious mystery: Top Seven Flying Spaghetti Monster Pictures]

Have you ever seen those religious nut bars that hold up huge signs telling us that we are going to hell, flyingor that Jesus is our savour. You know the ones. I think almost every city has them.

I always wondered whether the really nutty ones that talk to themselves are actually just evolved to the point where they are having a conversation with another nut bar in a different city! Kind of like the first couple of seconds you see someone talking with one of those bluetooth headsets! Anyway, here is one couple’s answer to the problem of religious crazies and their signs.


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That is good shit!!