George Bush is a war criminal and he knows it

Prayer rooms look to be popular perks of the job! I want a gaming and beer drinking room…I hope I never see this in Canada! Why the hell do people feel the need to pray at work?

[From National Secular Society – Suddenly, prayer rooms are “essential” at work]

It looks like President Bush is trying to save his ass for being tried for war crimes! Here is a CNN report. WTF? Is the report more shocking, or that I am quoting CNN????Don’t you find it ironic that though he denies any war crimes, he is trying to pass a bill in Congress to protect himself from being tried for war crimes? Me too…He knows that he is in shit.

You know about my feelings towards Scientology. I think it is quite a crazy cult with lots of celebs in it. Well, it turns out that Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, Nicole Kidman hates scientology too! Here is a story on why she named her baby Sunday Rose