Winnipeg ‘white pride’ mother regrets redrawing swastika on child’s arm

Before I start, let me say, I hate white supremacists. But here is where I draw the line.

Though the mom in this story is really messed up with the belief in white power, the fact that she drew a swastika on her kid’s arm DOES NOT warrant the government to take away her child. What right does the government have to make that call? I am fairly left wing, and many of my beliefs are contrary to the Harper government. As well, I am an atheist, which is not practice of the conservatives…Does that make me a bad parent? Some of you may think so, but others would say no. It is ALL the actions of the parent that should be judged. If the child is malnourished, being abused, being left alone without care, then yes, have Social Services get involved. But lets consider other solutions FIRST in this case!!

Why the hell don’t they have someone go and talk to the mom, and possibly give the family some counselling? Or, suspend the child from school, and instruct the mom that her child can’t go to school with that symbol on her arm? And maybe, going further with this, discuss the symbol with the class she is in? How about that? Just because Hitler used an ancient symbol to represent his party, does that make it bad? NO. Here is a swastika. It is a hindu symbol of peace and harmony.
How nice!

I was in Ladysmith, BC, a while back, and a building in town had swastikas all over it. The work of white supremacists? No, the building was made in 1913, well before Hitler’s rise.


Inside some of the old Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, is a Swastika symbol. And on, and on…Get over it! Well, I guess Manitoba has no other solutions than taking kids away from mis-guided parents. Tell me what you think! Leave a comment! Do you agree with me, or am I off base? Let me know…

[From Winnipeg ‘white pride’ mother regrets redrawing swastika on child’s arm

Maybe if the government arrests the lady in the story above, she will become one of the 21 best Mugshots! Check it out. Hilarious! Some of those people are freaky scary!

[From 21 Best Mugshots Evar]


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  1. While this might be a case of despicable indoctrination of children, it isn’t really much different from parents forcing religious dogma and labels down their young childrens throat. But as a collective society, many have disregarded that…so a young child wearing a yamaka wouldn’t have the same effect.

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