Things Creationists Hate

I just found this excellent site called Skeptic Report. It has the most in-depth breakdown of what Creationists hate! So, I love it!! Check it out.

[From SkepticReport * Things Creationists Hate


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  1. Even though you are quite well spoken, you shouldn’t be allowed to write “science” books for schools. You should sell these books at your local church…The brain washed non-scientists are there. You can’t ignore the fact that the scientific community gives you no credit. It is not a conspiracy against you. It is your lack of credibility.

    Having done a little Googling about you, it appears that you don’t submit your “studies” to recognized scientific establishments to allow for full review, and the ability to recreate your brand of science. It looks like your answer to questions about your pseudo-science is to “just read the books, they will change the world”. Sorry. That is not the way scientific study is done.

    You are border-line spam, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and leave your comment on for now.

    For the regulars, check out his site if your dare, but you will probably not have a life changing epiphany!

  2. I agree that unless a scientific idea or concept has held up to the rigorous tests of peer review, then it is worthless. There is a growing number of fundamentalists who refuse to see evidence or use evidence to understand how things work. Or try and push their own “theories” thinking that is how it is done.

    Though I do love to hear people whine about conspiracies and how the world is trying to silence them. It is very credible lol. /sarcasm

    Btw, I found you via your post at Atheist Nexus.

  3. Do you really expect an unbiased peer review on creationism from atheists, agnostics, and evolutionists? If so, you are sadly mistaken. Is there one honest scientist among them? I think not. Are these haters of God in bitter denial? The answer is a resolute yes.

    If, per chance, a reader of this blog is looking for the truth, further your education by reading The Quest for Right.

  4. Yes, I do expect if you put out a scientific study, that it will be reviewed impartially by peers. That is the scientific method. Just because they may be atheists(and many are not), does not mean that your article would not be considered. If it was able to be reviewed and the results replicated using recognized standards, then you may be on to something. But no one will be able to, will they? Because there is no invisible man in the sky making your science exist…Don’t for a second think that what you are currently doing as being a form of science. All you are doing right now is writing fiction, putting it into a book labelled science, and feeding it to children. It is appalling!

    And another thing, an atheist is not a God hater. They don’t believe in God. I don’t hate the tooth fairy either…

    Quit trying to sell you book on the site…

  5. Yes, I do expect that. I know this is a pointless conversation, but the point of peer review is to try and dismiss all presented arguments. The ones that cannot be dismissed because they are backed by strong evidence are the ones that go on to further review (mind you still not accepted). I also feel I need to remind you that not all scientists are atheists. Feel free to read something someone else suggests such as “Finding Darwin’s God” by Kenneth Miller…a Christian. But please, stop playing the “persecuted” card. I am sorry, but the only people against evolution are a small minority of fundamentalist Christians, and I assume you are among them. The rest of the world rejects your pseudo-science outright because it does not hold up to the standards to testing. I am sorry you feel like a victim, but you are not.

  6. Ha! Looks like you posted your response (pretty much identical to mine) while I was still typing away!

  7. Doing some checking on this guy via “the google”, it seems that he is a glorified book salesman. “Just buy the book, because it has all the answers…” NOT!!

    Thanks for checking out the site DB, and leaving such a great comment!


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