10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth

The major theory prevalent today of the cause for extinction of the dinosaurs is a big ass meteor strike. The impact crater of that event is supposedly at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. That hit made the #1 spot in the top 10 greatest major-impact craters on earth. I am a little concerned however 3 of the 10 are in Canada, and 5 of the 10 are in North America! What crappy odds… Isn’t Russia bigger than us? Shouldn’t they be the top dog?

[From 10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti

If a meteor was coming this way, some people would start praying no doubt… I have posted in the past that there is no evidence that prayer works. I guess if a meteor was going to wipe out life on the planet, religious groups would have a hard time explaining why God was wiping us all out. Or now that I think of it, they would probably think it was in the bible somewhere that this was a sign of the apocolypse! The greatest power of the bible is the vague nature of it’s answers. Generalize as much as possible to suit your needs…Kind of like astrology!

Well, one of the world leaders thinks highly of prayer, and thinks that God talks to him. Not good!


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