Wall Street’s laughing all the way to the bank

I love conspiracy theories! Especially ones with some teeth. Actually, now that I think of it, if it has some legitimacy, then I guess it is not a conspiracy theory anymore. The following story is about how the government in the US is backing the banks and allowing a massive transfer of wealth from the credit strapped consumers to the wealthy bank heads. In other words, if the government backs the failing banks, taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Sounds pretty legit to me, and it has some added credence as the article is written for the Globe and Mail by a Certified Financial Analyst…

[From reportonbusiness.com: Wall Street’s laughing all the way to the bank]

What? You didn’t think this shit happens all the time?

I can’t stand all the shows about “the afterlife”. Some really flaky expert comes on that talks to the ghosts of dead people. And of course, it is “really accurate” information and totally impossible for the physic to get before hand. Ya right, with Google out there? They pretty much knows when I went to the bathroom last…

Or even better, the physic expert goes into a decrepit old mental hospital or jail, walks into a cell and declares, “something horrible happened here. Someone died in this room!” Spooky shit! Makes for good TV, but reality is not TV, now is it?

Cectic.com nails it once again on the topic of talking to dead people!