— Scientists Say Mars Viking Mission Found Life

Would your opinion of the precious nature of life on our planet change, if life were found on Mars?
This picture was created for NASA by STScI under Contract NAS5-26555 and for ESA by the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre.

A new look at the 1976 trip to Mars by the Viking mission seems to be up for debate after all these years. They may have found evidence of life on the planet! Cool! If so, this changes our collective belief that life was only made on earth by God, at least in my opinion. Scientists have been concluding that life is not so rare, and this may be the smoking gun!

[From — Scientists Say Mars Viking Mission Found Life

Just this week, there was a press conference about the discovery of water on Mars. Here is more about that…

[From Mars: Yes, There Is Water on Mars — But You Can’t Drink It

It also seems that the “White House” is being briefed right now on something that has been found on Mars, that is far more important than water. Could it be life? I sure hope so…Probably just proof that they have found oil, and Exxon is heading there to drill…

[From The White House is Briefed: Phoenix About to Announce “Potential For Life” on Mars | Universe Today

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