I will be away for a few days…Don’t buy the flakey wi-fi meds

I had a lady today try and convince me that some snazzy pics of the some guy’s blood showed that our blood freaks out when exposed to wi-fi. They supposedly had the cure for this dangerous malady at the store! Of course! I guess the shop owner is able to take pictures of blood platelets for some flakey homeopathic remedies, and had some where the platelets were close together. That was meant to be the blood responding to your cell phone, laptop, and ipod!

So I told her that it was very interesting, and that I would come buy some of their magic product, but…only after they submitted their “study” to scientific peer review, and also have it be a double blind study. She had absolutely no response. Not even one word. Kind of like the victim in today’s cectic.com comic! Just not as bloody 😉


I am taking the weekend off to get away from this damn heat! I have been playing with the site look and feel lately, if you have been paying attention…If you like the new look, then leave a comment, or drop me a line at larrinski.

Of course, if any of my fine authors want to step up to the plate this weekend with any interesting content, I would be greatly appreciative!

Have a good one!