Doctor’s deny treatment due to their religious beliefs!

I never realized that doctors would even consider denying someone medical treatment due to their religious beliefs. How is that even moral? Aren’t doctors supposed to take an oath to do all they can for patients? I am glad that a court in California felt the same as I do, and sided with the patients. Isn’t there a large gay and lesbian community in California? Maybe the same discrimination should apply to the doctors when they need medical attention then. “Oh sorry doc, I can’t stop the bleeding, as it was God’s will that you got hurt…”Sick stuff!

[From ABC News: Religious Docs Can’t ‘Dump’ Lesbians’ Care

After reading that, I thought that maybe it was only a problem in America. Well, was I ever mistaken! Here is a story of the same problem in Ontario, Canada. I just can’t believe Doctor’s are allowed to get away with this crap! I hope these loopholes are sealed up soon.

[From ‘Religion out of medicine, a new message for Ontario doctors’ by National Post –