US invades, bombs, occupies, and interferes more than any other country by far

Over the last couple of weeks, the Western media has focused on how BAD Russia is. But the truth is that the USA is far and away the most aggressive military in the world. No one even comes close…

Just during the time Rice has served in the Bush administration, we bombed, invaded and occupied Afghanistan; did the same to Iraq; repeatedly bombed Somalia, killing all sorts of civilians; fed bombs to Israel as they invaded and bombed Lebanon; top political officials (led by John McCain and Joe Lieberman) have repeatedly threatened, and advocated, that the same be done to a whole host of other countries, including Iran and Syria. That’s to say nothing of the virtually countless interventions and bombings in the pre-Bush, “peacetime” years — from the Balkans and Panama to Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and on and on and on.

[From Rice: Military power is “not the way to deal in the 21st century” – Glenn Greenwald –

Just the other day YH Sum posted an article on Rick Warren stating that he would never vote for an atheist president. Here is the way the remaining questions should have been handled…



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  1. Your right, when you boil it all down the US is by far more the agressor in the world super powers, but we are led to believe that russia is an absoulutely corrupt government unlike our own in the west and every move that they make is to be at odds with the west and evil, their what I would call “friendly Iranians”. You can do business with them but , you just can’t be in the same business.

  2. I’m a citizen of the U.S., and I’ve got to say to you…….

    We’re sorry. It isn’t our country either though. It seems we vote, and nothing happens. We get angry, but our government doesn’t care. If we protest too much, we could be killed, or just have our reputations smeared and our credit besmirched. I feel like a small insect here. The government obviously cares about big business, and clearly doesn’t care about its citizen’s health or well being. Its a daily, angry fight for basic rights that some of us make.

    Censorship seems like the next big step, and its already started… I look over my shoulder…..couldn’t there be a weapon that would just take out the corrupt government here, or in any other country for that matter, and leave the population intact?

  3. ..Not that I’m implying violence. Locking them up in prison would be a fine solution to the problem. I’m just afraid that its too little, too late. I’m hopeful about this election cycle.

  4. Hi Doug,

    No need to apologize! The citizens of the US are great.

    I think that the best solution is just like you suggest. Prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes, and hope that the next 4-8 years is good damage control.

    Up here in Canada, we need to get the right wing Conservatives out of office too. They are fucking up our reputation by participating in an open war in Afghanistan, and trying to bring in really bad copyright laws to make the movie and music industry happy.

    Thanks for the comment, and visiting the site!

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