Some pictures to lighten things up!

I had a particularly crappy day at work today. I won’t bore you with the details… On top of that, there was not a hell of a lot of good stories to come up with something for the site.

So, I thought I would look for some pictures/comics to lighten up my day and yours. I went through many sites, and here are a few that stood out…

The first picture is a perfect capitalist idea. Stop those pesky pranksters! But I guess after a few buildings burned down due to no one pulling the alarm and being trapped in this device to burn to death, they went out of business…Good thing!



Picture two is how I felt at work today!! If I just have one more cup of coffee, it will all be OK…Probably not, but fuck it!

sept_strip1_coffeetalkspt1 always gives me a laugh!


And lastly, I have been promising some content on RFID chips. I am still trying to get something out to you, but in the meantime here is a comic on the topic!!


[From Laugh2]