Crucified frog upsets the Pope. Too bad I say!

Pope Benedict is upset over an art exhibit. The offending piece is of a frog on a cross. Come on! Just because YOUR savior supposedly got hung on a cross(as did most political opposition back then), doesn’t mean that you have a copyright on the image!

My son was at a friend’s place the other day, and said “oh my god”. The little boy he was playing with said “mom, he used the lord’s name in vien!”. The little boy is only 6. Poor kid is brainwashed already. The parents asked us one time if we were sending our son to summer bible camp. Sorry, we are far too busy hunting for fossils…

So, just because I am that kind of guy, here is my collection of crucifixion pics…Oh my God…;)





Learn to think for yourself. Don’t let someone tell you how to think.

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