Messed up the site a bit! Sorry. Will correct it soon![FIXED]

As I talk about many different topics on the site, I want to move my branding for the site to one that encourages discussion on the topics that you find interesting, as well as the topics I find interesting to talk about! I have many more interests than just atheism, and find I talk about politics, capitalism, religion, technology etc…I have a few bloggers that have been interested in adding content, but have felt that was meant to be about atheism, and that is it. I feel that limited the kinds of content that others may have wanted to add but felt sandboxed by the domain.

I have other reasons to slowly move away from, but they are more domain related. I worry that the domain may not continue. I tried to renew for a few years but registration is only in 2 year chunks, and my hosting company couldn’t tell me what happens in 2010 when the domain is to be renewed. That would suck to have a couple of years of content, and no ability to renew it. I wanted a permanent site that I know will serve my blog needs for years. will be a better fit for the content I give you almost every day.

I will forward, and to the new domain shortly, but you will probably not notice too much of a difference. That is my intention. Give you the content you come to the site to read!

In the meantime, you may see little glitches such as the one I had tonight. Sorry about the poor formatting! I am working on a fix! I just can’t log in right now!!![FIXED!!]

I will try and fix it by the weekend, but will be away for a week after that, so if you see no updates, don’t be alarmed! I will be back next Saturday, and will catch up!

Cheers, and thanks for your patience!

Here is a comic to ease the pain…It is about the mighty Google. I hope their bots find me!