Church of England To Apologize For Dissing Darwin

Only 150 years too late, the Church of England is going to officially apologize to Charles Darwin for creating doubt and misinformation on his famous theory. In the USA, the battle against evolution is raging like it was 150 years ago in England. Good to see that the USA is going backwards due to their radical religious organizations.

It is also too bad that the leading candidates for the Republicans are carrying on the tradition of George W Bush,charles_darwin_aged_51 and pushing for creationism in the science classroom.

[From » Church of England To Apologize For Dissing Darwin Dvorak Uncensored:]

I am worried that if our scary prime minister Stephen Harper gets a majority government in the upcoming election, we may be heading in the same direction. Assuming that he keeps mimicking the Bush regime like he has been for the last couple of years…

I might as well put my opinion forward now about our upcoming election. Please do not vote for the Conservatives!!!!Harper is a war monger, is pro-big business, has a horrible environmental record, and is trying to push a terrible digital copyright bill that does nothing for the consumer. Harper will set up Canada to be a real target for our upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately the Liberals have put forth a flip flop leader that has no leadership qualities. I just hope for another minority government, so the Liberals can get their shit together and knock Harper out of power.

It is a pretty bad right wing political environment in Canada when I hope for a Liberal government!

While I’m at it, if you are American, please do not vote Republican!!Need I say more?