Is there truth in Advertising? Not Often.

Welcome back to all you that thought that the site was gone!,  and should now come directly here! I thought that was the case before, but I am no network admin…

On to more important things! I have been savings a couple of advertising pics for a while, and to lighten things up with all the messed up markets and wars out there, today is your lucky day!!

Capitalism is excellent at rewarding companies that lie to consumers to buy their products. Here are a couple of obvious deceptive ads.



Heinz was correct in saying that “most men” have stopped beating their wives! Unless those wives make boring meals!


Truth in advertising rarely happens. Kids toys always look wicked on the box, with shooting lasers, bombs blowing shit up, etc…Are we setting our kids up for a lifetime of disappointment when what comes out of the box is just a pile of plastic crap?


At least the following poster tells the truth!!!


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