AIG parties as they steal from the poor

Have you ever won a lottery? Or, maybe you found $50 lying on the sidewalk…What do you do with this free money? Most people go out and party!!!

AIG is no different. They have been partying since the big ass bailout by the US government. 800px-aig_wordmarksvgWhy not? That is how they got into the mess in the first place! Giving a pat on the back for stealing from the poor. As one Reddit poster stated,

api 6 points 1 hour ago[-]

We were robbed. What part of that is so hard for people to understand? They’re celebrating having robbed us.

[From AIG Execs Also Went On Golf Trip]

Did you pick up on the fact that this is the 3rd party/retreat since the bailout? Apparently I work for the wrong company! Parties over at AIG…The sad part is that no one seems to talk about this being the norm at corporations. This is part of the culture. All for the sake of the shareholder of course. 😉