How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?

Over at, Hemant Mehta asks the question, “How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?” He references a blog that talks about how to make your child a free thinker.

Where one needs to draw the line is taking your child to a day care/preschool held in a church. Children are very impressionable at that young age, and don’t understand how many things in the world work. If the answer given to them is simplistic, like “god made it”, it is easy to understand, but is simply wrong. You may end up raising a Christian if you are not careful!

Keep your children away from churches at all costs! It is brainwashing, simply put. My old day-care provider tried to brainwash my kid as well, and I got rid of her right away(click here for the story). Once you are an adult, fill you boots, but keep kids out of church.

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What I propose? Expose your kids to science, and help them learn about critical thinking. If later on the kid becomes religious, then at least you have given them the ability to question others! Let them draw their own conclusions from their experiences. Don’t force religion down their throat.

I love learning and even better, getting that information free online. With the advent of iTunes U, you can go out and learn from some of the best schools on the planet! Even great courses on Evolution!

[From Apple – Education – iTunes U – Overview]

There are plenty of courses being shared via P2P as well. Here is a link to 58+ e-books you can download for free. There are some fantastic novels there!

[Go to– Free eBooks – All Our Classic Books and Novels]

If you don’t give kids an education, then one day they may end up working for CNN and posting the following fact…



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  1. See the above link: The time my niece came home from Sunday-with-Grandma-and-Sunday-School and told me that, since God made everything, God had *literally* made my panties.

    I lol’d. And then told everyone I knew.

  2. Since your panties must have been made, there must have been a maker! 😉

    Thanks for the comment! And visiting the site!

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