Older men are needed to save the Human Race!

Evolutionary fossil evidence is strong, but scientists are always finding new evidence to add to the mountain of data supporting evolution as the main force behind life on earth. Science allows itself to morph and be tested. That is a good thing!

One of the big pieces of the evolution puzzle are fossils showing intermediate steps in the evolutionary transition from fish to animals that walked on land. Sciencedaily.com is reporting a great fossil find showing that animals did transition from water to land. But, we all knew that anyway 😉 . I saw it on the Simpsons once…

[From Details Of Evolutionary Transition From Fish To Land Animals Revealed]

Here is another time line showing evolution of Zombie John McCain that I posted the other day! What a hoot!


If you are a (preferably) single older man, then this next story is for you! Apparently you are needed to save our species. As we age, we have more mutations in our reproductive cells, and if that mutation happens to help, you need to pass it on. So, in short, old guy, go out and procreate with a younger woman! We will thank you for it many generations from now…

[From Leading geneticist Steve Jones says human evolution is over – Times Online ]