American Elections Rigged Court Testimony Claims

Living in Canada, I have a hard time understanding why votes can’t be written on a piece of paper and counted by objective election officials in the American elections. What is the purpose of using a voting machine?

Has the lack of education focus in the USA made it so citizens can’t count now? Must they relywinvote_arlington on a machine to count for them? I know the argument that the country is larger in population than Canada, but there is no better way to make sure votes are correct than by physically counting them. Make it so Number One…

Here is a video of a court proceeding where a programmer in Florida says that he wrote a program to make sure the outcome was 51/49. Crazy!

There are media reports that the machines in the current Obama/McCain election are doing crazy things as well! McCain may win after all! Here is an article over at Gizmodo about it!

[From Voting Machine: No, You Really Meant to Vote for McCain]