USA votes as the rest of the world looks on

Today is the big day in the USA that they vote in a new President. Or, should I say, the USA thinks they are voting…


Let’s hope calm heads prevail and people’s votes actually count!

Have you been following the story in Boulder Colorado where some drunk people were running in the annual naked pumpkin event?

1)Colorado Daily reporting on the arrests.

2)Bolder Daily Camera on Naked Pumpkins runner facing sex offender status

The event is meant to be fun, where nude folks, with a pumpkin on their head, run down the street. Well, the stupid cops decided that this was not allowed and arrested 12 of them. Some of them are scientists. Naked people USA/ Now, if they are convicted of public indecency, they will have to register as sex offenders! WTF????? Did I mention that it was the 10th annual Naked Pumpkin Run? Were the previous 9 years any different? Were this year’s participants extra hairy or something?

The town has gone bat shit crazy!!! We are all born nude, get over it!! I won’t be visiting that town anytime soon!

If you feel up for it, here is the mayor’s e-mail address to complain.Email Mayor Shaun McGrath!

And lastly, here is the latest comic from Rudis at! Good to see you back!