Science, Politics, and Religion, oh my!

I found this great article on the top 5 reasons evolution and global warming nay-sayers don’t get science. It is well written, and there is even a rebuttal by an intelligent design proponent for you to see what creationists “argue” is fact. Once again, a poor understanding of the scientific method…

All too often we are “treated” to yet another story about some ’study’ that has definitively refuted Evolution or Anthropogenic Climate Change. Generally the mere claim tells you with 99.99% certainty that the ’study’ is wrong or grossly misrepresented. The very idea that a single study could disprove either is improbable in the extreme…

Click here for more… Evolution / Global Warming Deniers just don’t get it « Greenfyre’s

I am mildly optimistic about the US election outcome now that Obama is going to be the next president. Maybe one day the USA won’t be the big bully it has been for decades. Still, a couple of things have bothered me about their recent election though…

  1. California has decided that it is OK to discriminate against gays and lesbians by banning same sex marriages, and as I understand it, from adopting. Here is an article over at about this horrible election result in a state that was thought to be progressive…Looks like this one is going back to court!
  2. Colorado tried to pass a bill effectively banning birth control! Some far right religious group tried to change the definition of a human being to be from the moment of fertilization. Luckily that got voted down. Here is a commentary on why this amendment is dangerous.

I see a big problem when religious groups have such free access to have amendments put to vote. Even when courts have ruled that abortions, same-sex marriage and birth control are legal, they try to slip it in. Keep religion and state separate! I even wish we would change the nation anthem in Canada and get rid of the “god keep our land…” part as well! It has no purpose in government. In fact, it is dangerous to include it. Here is an actual religious nut job that thinks that atheists are the root of all that is bad in this world!


Look at all the wars in the world that are fought with the supposed blessing of a god. Not just historically, but right now! Even though I don’t believe that the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have much to do with radical Muslims, and have more to do with oil and political control.

According to the next comic, god prefers atheists, so there! I don’t know quite how to take that?