FSM spotted and Astrology is ridiculous

I haven’t seen our illustrious Flying Spaghetti Monster for a while, so I was delighted to see him show up at an Apple cafeteria! Two of my favourite things in one location!! Atheism, and computers…


[From FSM spotted at Apple – Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster]

The other night I had a great time with some colleagues from work. We were out for some beers, and the topic of astrology came up. They were either fucking with me, or they really believe in the astrological signs. I apparently am a Capricorn to the T.

Next time I will say I am some other horoscope and have them say the same thing. I was trying to suggest that321px-astrologyprojectsvg there are more than 12 different types of people in the world, and that I know of many people completely different than me that are Capricorns too. To no avail…

How can people honestly believe that the shape of some stars in the sky define us when we are born? It is just not logical. If you read the generic traits of each sign, you can be placed in every one! Stubborn, positive, enthusiastic,arrogant, etc…I am not a big fan of these airy, fairy “religions”…Logic and reason go out the window. Cectic.com feels the same way!