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I had a nightmare last night! I went to this community centre, and was sitting on a bench amongst hundreds of people in the hall. They all started getting up into a line and made their way to the front of the room. Then they would talk to a priest and go to a bathroom to purge the evil spirits from their stomachs.

I didn’t go of course, and when everyone came back and sat down, they noticed I was wearing an atheist “ring”. What the hell? So, they knew I was an atheist by this ugly ring on my finger! Damn, the ring gave me away…It was like I was being outed and shit was going to go down! It was a very odd dream. I must have eaten something weird yesterday!

Reminded me of one of my ex-girlfriend’s weddings I attended.
Here is a picture of the scary church!

They were all born again Christians, and the priest/pastor dude, was preaching that God was with him today, congregationand sensed someone in the room, who needed to let Jesus into his heart. The rest of the church had their hands in the air praising the lord, and I was the long haired hippie freak standing quietly to the side. Everyone turned around to look at me, and waited for me to go up…Didn’t happen! But a freaky wedding none the less.

A good segue into a weird video of this guy who claims that doctors told him he is too strong to work, and is as strong as 300,000 men. He has also been told that he must have sex 15 times a day. The strong man thanks Allah for giving him this power. I guess if I had 4 wives, didn’t have to work, and got laid all the time, I would be thanking someone!

People actually fall for this crap?

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  1. I can’t believe anyone in the world buys that shit. Totally wacky. Although, it would be kind of cool to have an exemption from work, for fear of harming my boss because my “horsepower” was just too mighty to handle.

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