Sometimes science studies come up with conclusions and observations that seem the opposite of public perception.

Posted today over at Scientific American, comes a study that states that marijuana may help preventcannabis_female_flowers_close-up Alzheimer’s disease, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the production of new brain cells, thereby enhancing memory! Hard to believe! Especially since I have met a few pot heads in my time, and most of them seemed to have some memory issues…Maybe they were just born like that, and I assumed it was the pot!

[From Pot joins the fight against Alzheimer’s, memory loss: Scientific American Blog]

The same topic posted over at Wired Science. A more well written article IMO.

[From Marijuana Could Be Good for Memory — But Not if You Get High | Wired Science from Wired.com]

Yesterday seemed to be Evolution day. Today, I guess is pot day. Here is a video with the “Pot Cookie Monster”. Funny stuff!