Get your Religion out of our Court Systems

It scares the shit out of me when religion tries to get into government, or if not voted in, then lobbies politicians to get their backward beliefs into everyone else’s lives.

It is just mind blowing, some of the crazy shit people are charged with and even convicted of. atheism-cures-terrorismSo, without further ado, here are a couple of links to stories that should make your mouth drop open, and you may end up thinking WTF???

First up is the poor part time school teacher that was originally convicted of popup porn on a school computer and sentenced to 40 years in jail.

[From Teacher in porn popup case dodges jail but loses creds]

doingmyparttopissoffIt doesn’t get much crazier than that! We have all had those porn pop up at some time. The next article is an attempt at making people aware that there is a VERY LARGE difference between child molesters and rapists, and these poor folks that have been deemed “registered sex offenders”. I really feel bad for the one lady that, as a teenager gave another teenager a blow job, and is now a sex offender, and may soon lose her house because it is close to a church day care. Nuts.

[From You Might Be A Sex Offender If…]