International Free Speech has been lost today.

The United Nations has passed a resolution to ask countries to ban “defamation of religion”, and in particular Islam. This draft was put into place to protect the Islamic religion from being picked on as being called violent, and linked to terrorism. My response…


They have opened up a can of worms here. It is wrong to not allow for criticism of religion, politics, and to be able to disagree with those in power. As was mentioned in the attached article, human rights are for individuals, not the protection of religious institutions.

If we should ban anything, it should be the forcing of imaginary friends down everyone’s throats. It would be interesting to see all the countries that approved the resolution. It is sad that some of these religious governments will use the resolution to prosecute people that criticize it’s policies. Bad for free speech, bad for human rights, bad for women. The list goes on…

“Human rights were designed to protect individuals — to guarantee every person free speech and free exercise of religion — but most certainly not to shield any set of beliefs, religion included.”

[From Hooray for Denmark! – The Spine]

bong-hits-4-jesusThere was a bit of good news for free speech however. A school that suspended a student for 5 days for holding up a banner declaring “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” has been ordered to pay the student $45,000, and hold a forum on free speech. Looks like someone finally took a bong hit 4 Jesus, and chilled the fuck out 😉