Our first contest!! Read through for your chance to win!![edit]

I have had a couple of crappy days at work, and have been waiting for the week to end. So the healthy thing to do for me is start Stumbling to pass the time. I find the funniest things.

Much of what is on the Internet is crap, or even worse, pictures of crap…A year or two ago, I came across(or dare I say, stumbled across) the Firefox and IE plug-in Stumbleupon. I have written about it before, but most new visitors may miss some of my old tech writing. A good plug for using my search field on the site, and looking in the archives section.

Here are a couple of the newspaper clippings I found on one site.






All images are from twodorks.com

Wouldn’t have found this without Stumbleupon! Check it out.

“And remember you heard it first here on Roller Derby”

BTW, for the first person to tell me where the above quote originated from, I will mail you an early X-mas present. You must be in North America to win, as this site is non-profit, and I seriously don’t want to amass a big shipping bill. Sorry to all my international readers…

The prize is a good one. It is the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Send your entries to larrinski


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