Movie editing Magic! Star Wars vs. Star Trek!

I was never a big fan of the original Star Trek, but I used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation once in a while. Quite a good show. It seemed much more realistic that Captain Kirk…

I was much more of a Star Wars fan! I loved Darth Vader, the X-wing fighter, etc…So it will come as no surpise that I love this short “movie” entitled “Star Trek vs Star Wars: The Final Battle.” You will enjoy it too, you nerds…


One Reply to “Movie editing Magic! Star Wars vs. Star Trek!”

  1. That’s great. Of course there’s no way Piquard and his gang of panty pirates could ever contend with the Dark Side of the Force. A just reward for their arrogance, I think.

    I have disagree with you on the original Star Trek, though. Old Star Trek is king… there is just too much good cheese there for it not to be enjoyed. Star Wars (the original three, anyways) were by far superior in the movie department.

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