The Simpsons and ‘M’Apple.

I have been an Apple user for about 4 years now, and have been an advocate for switching very shortly there after. I am even part of a local Mac User Group. Very nerdy…Though the OS is quite a bit better than Windows, their machines look great, they aren’t hit with viruses and Malware etc…, there are a few things that bug me about Apple. Their insistence on using DRM(digital rights management), the need to run iTunes to make iPods functional, and not allowing users to be able to transfer music from their iPods to other machines they own. Apple has crappy support for Linux as well. There is a whole culture around Apple, known as the Cult of Mac.

The Simpsons tackle a whole bunch of Apple-isms in one of their latest episodes. So, I will add my bit of trolling, and post a couple of parts for you. More than likely they will get taken down by Youtube, so watch them while you can!

Got to love the Simpsons. They never get old!